RH | Fürstenhof

The Logierhaus, and part of the hotel “Fürstenhof” right next to the Castle of Rheinsberg, will be renovated and a new usage be found. The building, which is under conservation, is in style of the turn of the century “Seebäder-Architektur”. Its location right next to the lake Grienericksee and behind the town hall, suggests that a public usage may be found. The current state of the building shows how nature starts to repossess when left to itself for a longer period of time.

2019 | Rheinsberg | planning in existing context | LP 1-2 | pre-planning | concept revitalisation

historical context | landscape architecture | barrierfree access

Concept 1
In this concept the external galleries are understood as stage units connecting the building to the town hall and square in front. The wooden part of the facade will be renovated and serves as a starting point for this idea. The loadbearing wall behind the galleries will open up and large sliding panes be clad with translucent surface, with a texture deriving from the abstracted pattern of dried organic matter, like leaves and seed capsules. The Logierhaus will invite contemporary arts and culture to Rheinsberg and make it accessible to the general public, inhabitants and visitors.

Concept 2
This concept focuses on the connection between the Logierhaus and its square with the lake. Through a mixture of ramps, stairs and green the square is extended down to the lakeside, with a special attention to barrier-free movement. Meetings and connections can be made between young and old, meandering up to the square or down to the lake, or mearly seeking shade underneath the old oak tree.