Anersaaq | art container

The blue 20 ft CSC proved container was planned and furnished as a mobile home for the multi-media art installation Anersaaq. The back part serves as projectionroom and storage for the analogue technical equipment. The front part serves as welcoming area for visitors. Since 2016 the Art Container has been travelling across the sea between Norway, Island, Denmark, Greenland, Lithuania and Latvia.

2016 | Ã…rhus Denmark | Art project | ca. 14 m2|LP 3,5 | Interior Design | Layout openings | Photos from TURA YA MOYA Anersaaq

all permanent fixtures are from joiner | November 2017 Maria Doyle: Workshop with students in Liepajas Makslas Vidusskola in Liepaja Latvia: Ideas for a second container for the art project Anersaaq